New Puppies

The puppies are doing well.  Sunday, May 8th my friends and I set up pens for the puppies and they spent lots of time in the big, sunny, outdoors).

11 thoughts on “New Puppies

  1. Do you have any blue female puppies available?

  2. linda haines 609-634-5995 February 19, 2012 — 11:48 am

    Would like to know if you may have any puppies or young adults available at this time. thank you

  3. Any chance to get an older puppy/adult fully trained and housebroken?

    1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Please call me at 201 782 9373.

  4. Do you have any puppies available. I am looking for 1 at this time maybe 2

    1. Hello Izabela:
      Yes, I still have puppies. Please email me at I nede to interview you.
      Thank you.

  5. Do you have any male puppies/older puppy/adult? We are looking for a member of our family. We do not have any wishes to show. We love the breed and your website.

    1. Hello Jennifer:
      I still have one male puppy in this litter who is longing to become a family member. Please call me at 201-782-9373 or email I really do not check this site as much as I should.

  6. I am interested in locating a son or daughter. Do you have any children that you have that have been resqued or other a child that would like a loving home?

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