Watchpoint Weimaraners are owned by Deborah Rosenblatt of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Deborah began her journey as a highly successful breeder-exhibitor with the purchase of her first puppy who became Champion Johmar’s Mischievous Gremlin, C.D., NRD, V. who was out of Champion Chataway’s Rumor v.d. Reiteralm ex Johmar Color Me Suede.  Johmar was a well established hunting line and the breeding was to a well established conformation line. “Monc” short for Homonculus was purchased in 175 from John and Pat Horan and became the foundation bitch for Watchpoint.  Monc exceeded very well in the limited field work that I was able to do with her, excelling in water work.  Monc’s C.D. was accomplished easily in three shows and she went onto entertain audiences with her C.D.X. routines.  Monc also enjoyed the breed ring, where she went on to complete her championship.  Unusual for a Weimaraner, Monc was trained in Shutzhund work, the only Sporting Group member in a club of German Shepherd Dogs and Dobermans.  She held her own in every phase of training and excelled in agility work.

American and Canadian Champion Watchpoint’s Ambassador by Colsidex Standing Ovation ex Johmar’s Mischievous Gremlin, C.D., N.R.D., V. from Deborah’s very first breeding in 1979 became a multi-Specialty Winner (5), a consistent breed winner (winning one hundred Best of Breeds in a row) and established the Watchpoint name.  “Amber” became Deborah’s first Stud dog.

Watchpoint became well known in the mid-west through Mary Bewig Stratil with whom Deborah co-owned two Weimaraners.  The first was Watchpoint’s Aliyah from my first litter (Champion Colsidex Standing Ovation ex Champion Johmar’s Mischievous Gremlin, C.D., NRD, V.) who was shown sparingly and then bred to Champion Nani’s Mastercharge to produce the second dog that we co-owned Dual Champion Watchpoint’s Foreshadow (call name “Vassar”), the foundation dog for Foreshadow Weimaraners.  A Dual Champion is a field champion and a conformation Champion.

Champion Watchpoint’s Bewitched, by Champion Shadowmar Classical Review, C.D., T.D., NRD, NSD, VDX ex Champion Johmar’s Mischievous Gremlin, C.D., NRD, V. was from Deborah’s second litter in 1981.  “Bravo” became an instant success in th breed ring.  Strongly resembling her paternal grandmother, Champion Shadowmar Inca Maid of Arimar, “Bravo” went in to win Puppy Sweepstakes and her conformation championship with ease.

In 1983, Deborah leased a Weimaraner bitch from Rusty Jenrette named Champion Starbuck’s Dolly Dynamite.  “Dolly” was bred to Champion Watchpoint’s Ambassador which produced a beautiful litter with exceptional temperaments and some AKC Champions.

The goal at Watchpoint is to utilize some of the best Weimaraner lines now in existence tp produce elegant, tightly-muscled, well-angulated, healthy dogs who enjoy working with people in every phase of the dog world.

I communicated with Joan Valdez in California who has the famous Valmar line.  For five years she stayed in touch with me letting me know what breedings she had planned.  Finally, she mentioned a breeding to me that I became very excited about.  I purchased the pick bitch from this litter who I named Champion Valmar’s Xtra Aura v Watchpoint.  Aura was out of  Valmar’s Serendipity bred to the famous Champion Valmar’s Jazzman, CD.  Joan repeated this breeding two more times (something that she never did) because the quality of the offspring was so impressive.  When Aura was a puppy, she contracted Lyme Disease.  This was before Lyme disease was well known and unfortunately, Aura became the first recorded case of canine Lyme disease in the State of New Jersey.  To this day, I will never know how she contracted the disease as she had never been out of the yard and Lyme disease did nit exist in the State of California at that time.  Although Aura was able to finish her her conformation championship, I was never able to Special her due to a limp that she developed from the late treatment for Lyme disease.

In 1988 Aura was bred to Champion Watchpoint’s Ambassador.  This litter produced ten beautiful puppies.  From that litter I kept Watchpoint’s Dancing River; Watchpoint’s Deer Spirit and another male that I sold, but kept close ties to Watchpoint’s Dakota Gold.

In 1989 Aura was bred to Champion Valmar Smokey City Ultra Easy.  This is how we became involved with the famous Smokey City line belonging to Tom Wilson.  From this breeding I kept a bitch who became Champion Watchpoint Enchanting Image.   Her brother Champion Watchpoint’s ….., “Copy” became quite famous in the Virginia area.  The movement on dogs from this litter was breathtaking.

Champion Watchpoint Enchanting Image (call name “Joy” )was bred to Champion Watchpoint’s Deer Spirit (call name “Jasper”) and I kept one bitch from this litter named Watchpoint’s Gale Force born on a bitterly cold January 2, 1993.  I had followed Joy outside at night with towel and flashlight in hand and watched her squat down.  I ran to where she had squatted and quickly peeled a puppy (still in its sack) from the ice and ran indoors with her.  This was how “Gale” came into the world.  Gale was not my prettiest bitch, but she was probably my best producer.

In 1995 Watchpoint’s Gale force was bred to Champion Valmar’s Apache Rebel.  Out of this gorgeous litter I kept my male Special Champion Watchpoint’s Ivy League (call name “Yale”) and I co-owned a bitch named Watchpoint’s Inherit the Wind.  (Two other littermate went on to fame in Virginia and in Ontario, Canada.)

I repeated the breeding of Watchpoint’s Gale Force to Champion Valmar’s Apache Rebel and kept a bitch from that litter born February 1997 who became Champion Watchpoint’s Kachina Doll (call name “Spirit”).

In 1996 I bred Watchpoint’s Gale Force to Champion Wismar Lockport Otis Jackson.  Wismar is a well known show kennel prefix in located in Atlanta Georgia and owned by Barbara and John Wise.  This produced a gorgeous litter of puppies.  Most times, after very hard work puppies leave, go to their forever homes and have long, happy, healthy lives with their new families.  This litter was not so lucky. I sold a beautiful bitch from that litter named Watchpoint’s Jeweled Ruler (call name Xena).  After two years there was a divorce in that family and Xena was willingly given back to me.  Another beautiful bitch went to Marcie Fenwick of Ontario, Canada.  I was supposed to get a puppy back from Ms. Fenwick in the future from a breeding that we planned ahead of time, but Ms. Fenwick never fulfilled her contract and I never pursued it in Canada.  Ms. Fenwick had previously bred collies for many years, so she was not new to either breeding or showing.  She went on to breed and sell many Weimaraners, but never showed them or returned any of the equipment that I sent to her.  At this time, I fell (yanked off my feet by Xena when I wasn’t paying attention)  at a dog show and tore my ACL.  I had another male from that litter that I had sold as a puppy.  He was my pick male named Watchpoint’s Justinian (call name Monet).  He was sold to a young man in New Jersey who promised to train and show him.  His brother had also purchased a Weimaraner puppy shortly before.  Monet was taken to a few shows and although completely untrained and shown by his novice owner was always in the ribbons (even at a large Specialty show).  It turns out the the boys used to leave the two dogs at his mothers house locked in the garage every day and go to work.  Sooner or later, as happens, the two dogs got into a fight and I received a call that night that he wanted to return the dog to me.  On one leg, in tremendous pain, I took Monet back.  To be honest, I was thrilled, except for the timing.  I wanted to keep this gorgeous male, but I already owned Yale and the two dogs were not going to get along.  Monet was just a beautiful, balanced dog with great presence.  He should have been a famous Special.  However, I had to find people to take care of my dogs while I went for knee surgery to repair my ACL.  I live alone, so care is an issue.  Unknowingly, I sent Monet and Joy up to Marcie Fenwick who agreed to take care of them for me as she lived in a forest preserve in Canada and had literally thousands of acres.  A number of weeks later Marcie shipped Joy back to me, but she refused to ship Monet back.  Basically, I lost him to a very deceitful person.  Xena was placed with a family in Long Island.  We co-owned her and I had hoped to breed her to a male that I had bred named Champion Watchpoint’s ….”Copy” (Champion Valmar Smokey City Ultra Easy, NSD ex Champion Valmar Xtra Aura v. Watchpoint).   I sent Xena to Virginia to be bred, but Xena had an unusual Heat Cycle.  Normally, the female is ready for breeding somewhere around the 12th, 13th or 14th day of her Heat cycle.  This was not the case with Xena and the family insisted on sending her back home before a proper breeding could be done.  In 2000, I bred her to my own male Champion Watchpoint’s Ivy League (Yale) and she wasn’t ready to accept him until day twenty-two of her Heat cycle when most bitches are already finished.   That breeding produced a litter of eight puppies.   I kept a bitch from this litter named Watchpoint’s Mesmerizing Air (call name “Malka”).

In 1999 I co-bred Watchpoint’s Inherit The Wind to Champion Camelot’s Matinee Idol.  This produced my very special bitch Watchpoint’s Legend in Time (call name “Lilyanne”).  Lilyanne was perfect in every way.  She was a joy to live with.  She won every AKC dog show that she had been entered in.  And then tragedy struck.  “Lilyanne” followed “Spirit”, my little huntress out of the yard by digging under the fence.  In 2001, running across the road, Lilyanne was run over by a car or truck that never stopped.  Spirit sat next to her in the road and refused to leave her side.

With the loss of “Lilyanne” that long line of beautiful, talented dogs under the Watchpoint prefix came to an end.  It was only natural that I turned to Susan Thomas and her famous Camelot Weimaraners for a new start.   First, in 2005, I purchased Camelot N Watchpoint’s Everafter (“Eve”) (Champion Camelot’s Shall We Dance ex Champion Camelot’s She’s The One), but I was disappointed in her.  Later, I purchased Champion Camelot N Watchpoint’s Legacy (“Lacey”) from Sue.  Lacey was out of Champion Camelot’s Moonlight Becomes You bred to Champion Camelot’s Marathon Man.  Lacey was a beautiful bitch in both structure and temperament.  She just missed winning her Futurity and finished her AKC conformation championship easily.

In 2006, I bred Eve, Camelot N Watchpoint Everafter, RN to Champion Camelot’s Keeping the Faith.  This litter produced only two puppies, one male and one female. I kept the female from that breeding who I adored by the name of Watchpoint N Camelot’s Over the Top, NSD call name Ava.  Ava turned out to be a beautiful bitch and  very talented in the field.

In 2007, I bred Eve, Camelot N Watchpoint Everafter, RN to Champion Camelot’s Playboy To The Stars, (call name PB).  I kept a male from this litter Watchpoint’s Pursuit of a Dream (call name Percy).  Percy was a very pretty male who I showed a few times.  He had a beautiful; side gait and probably could have finished his championship fairly easily.  However, when I watched him gait coming and going I could see that coming towards me, his front legs tended to cross.  I am a movement perfectionist and I just did not want this in my breeding program, so I need up placing Percy.

In 2007, I ended up placing Watchpoint’s Mesmerizing Air, “Malka” to a man in Connecticut who was lookin for a companion.  Malka was such a sweet bitch and this way she would be the only one and was treated like a queen.

In 2010, I bred Champion Watchpoint’s Legacy, (call name Lacey) to Grand Champion Camelot’s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (call name Stewie).  This turned out to be a spectacular litter.  Susan Thomas took two bitches from this litter and I kept two bitches from this litter.  On bitch became Champion Watchpoint N Camelot’s Reward (call name Gem) who finished her championship very quickly winning Specialty Sweepstakes and Specialty Shows.  Gem  is a beautiful bitch with flawless, breathtaking movement and a bold personality.   Watchpoint N Camelot’s Rave Review (call name Crystal) was also a very beautiful, elegant bitch with flawless movement, but a much quieter, shyer temperament.  She did not like dogs shows, but Crystal became an excellent producer.

Lacey was also bred to Grand Champion Doc N Camelot’s Heaven Can Wait (call name Nash).  This produced a litter of seven puppies ( 4 boys and 3 girls) born on February 18, 2012.   I sold the pick bitch from that litter to a family in Connecticut who did show her to her championship. (  )  Unfortunately, the family decided to spay her and she died very young while in the veterinarian’s office from complications of the spay.

My last litter was born on March 18, 2014.  I bred Watchpoint N Camelot’s Rave Review (call name Crystal) to Champion Camelot’s The Fed Express (call name Roger).  This produced a litter of eight puppies: seven boys and one girl.  I kept the female for myself and named her Watchpoint N Camelot’s Ultimate Sophisticate (call name Sophie).  Sophie is a beautiful bitch with superb hunting skills, but she does not like to show.

Since the end of 2012 it seems like I have had one health issue after another and it has affected my ability to do much with the dogs.  In  November 2012, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I ended up having a double mastectomy; chemotherapy and then reconstructive surgery.  I have been clear ever since, but it definitely takes a toll on ones body and mind.  In 2016, I had major back surgery to correct very severe scoliosis and I have a rod down my entire back.  My balance is severely affected since the doctor could not completely straighten my spine: his goal was to make me it straight enough to allow me to stand up.  In 2017, I had knee replacement surgery on my left leg.  This was a result of the original ACL injury that was never actually repaired and was necessary because my left leg could not hold any weight.  I thought that I was now finally in the clear when on November 6, 2018 (Election Day), I was taking the dogs out to their pens, when Sophie (the huntress) spotted something in the woods and took off after it.  Instead of letting the leash go, I held on and finally fell breaking my right femur in three places.  So, my plans for breeding Sophie have been put on hold and I am home recuperating until I can return to work.

I currently own only two Weimaraners, my bitch Champion Watchpoint N Camelot’s Reward (call name Gem) and Watchpoint N Camelot’s Ultimate Sophisticate (call name Sophie).  Hopefully, I will be able to breed Sophie this summer.  I unfortunately lost Lacey rather suddenly in November of 2018.  My other Weimaraners have had to be placed with other families over the years due to my illness and various major surgeries.




.. AKC and see weinaraners breed standard

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