Watchpoint Weimaraners relaxing at home


You are entering the home of Watchpoint Weimaraners.  My name is Deborah Rosenblatt and I have been involved with dogs and horses all of my life in some form or another.   Although I would still love to be involved in horses, dogs are the more affordable choice. Why Weimaraners? Well, contrary to the bad reputation that the breed received in the 1950’s, the breed is beautiful, very intelligent, vey loving, relatively essay to train and I think that they have a very special and precious personality.  They are devoted to their owners and are very people oriented dogs.

I purchased my first Weimaraner in 1975 and quickly became involved in every aspect of the breed .  We became involved in conformation showing, obedience competition, field training (really just in retrieving with a Golden Retriever owning friend), and Shutzhundt which we did with my obedience instructor who owned and bred Geman Shephards.  He tried his best to get me to by a German Shephard, but to know avail.  I later became involved with Rottwelers which I love, but I am not ready yet to buy.

When my first Weimarner bitch finished her conformation championship in 1979,  I bred her to Ch. Colsidex Sanding Ovation (Joga) and this was the foundation for Watchpoint Weimaraners.  I kept a male from that litter, who became Ch. Watchpoint’s Ambassador.  He quickly became a breed champion and retired with over 100 Best of Breeds.  I decided that I needed a good quality brood bitch in order to produce and maintain a line of high quality Weimaraners.  After much research, I went to Joan Valdez and her famous Valmar line.  I purchased the pick bitch from her named Ch. Valmar’s Xtra Aura v Watchpoint.  Aura was out of Valmar’s Serendipity bred to the famous Ch. Valmar’s Jazzman.  This was the first of a breeding that Joan was so impressed with that she repeated it two more times.   When Aura was a puppy, she contracted Lyme disease.  This was before Lyme disease was well known and unfortunately, Aura became the first recorded case of canine Lyme disease in the state of New Jersey.  Although Aura was able to finish her conformation championship, I was never able to Special her due to a limp that she developed from the late treatment for Lyme disease.  Aura was bred to Ch. Valmar Smokey City Ultra Easy.  This was how we became involved with the famous Smokey City line belonging to Tom Wilson.  From these two famous kennel lines Watchpoint went on to develop a long line of beautiful, talented dogs under the Watchpoint prefix.  Many years later, due to a number of very unfortunate circumstances that Watchpoint line was lost with the early demise of Watchpoint’s Legend in Time (Watcpoint’s Inherit the Wind bred to Ch. Camelot’s Matinee Idol) in 2001.  It was only natural after that , that I turned to Susan Thomas and Camelot Weimarners for a new breed bitch puppy  Eve, Camelot N Watchpoint’s Everafter (Ch. Camelot’s She’s The One bred to Ch. Camelot’s Shall We Dance) and later purchased my current brood bitch. Ch. Camelot N Watchpoint’s Legacy (Ch. Camelot’s Moonlight Becomes You bred to Ch. Camelot’s Marathon Man).  From Eve and from Lacey, I had kept all of my current dogs Percy, Ava, Gem and Crystal.

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